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Circular Economy

Plastics offer many benefits, including their functionality, lightness, durability, safety and versatility. However, the traditional linear plastics economy means that after a first-use cycle, much of the plastic packaging material value is currently lost to the economy. Plastic packaging can also escape collection and affect the environment, if not captured by effective waste management infrastructure.

Overcoming these drawbacks is embedded in our Company’s culture, and offers a significant opportunity for our continued growth and success. By enhancing material effectiveness (through returnable packaging, increased use of recycled content in our products, and increased source segregation across the value chain), it is possible to achieve better economic and environmental outcomes, while continuing to harness the many benefits of plastic packaging.

Over half of our products have already transitioned and are positively contributing to this new circular plastics economy:

  • Returnable trip packaging
  • Reusable agricultural containers
  • Environmental containers for waste/recycling
  • Reusable containers, trays, crates, flooring
  • Other industrial products containing up to 100% recycled plastic content
  • Increased recycled content in pails & industrial containers
  • Already producing paint containers with up to 38% recycled content
  • At one of our plants, 78% of the resin used at this location is recycled (non-virgin sources)

In collaboration with our customers and suppliers, we will help drive the transition to increased use of biopolymers, recycled food grade resins, and other innovative solutions.