IPL – Leading the transition to a sustainable future in packaging

Our Sustainability Vision

“As a leading manufacturer of sustainable packaging solutions, we will work closely with our customers in the drive towards a circular and low carbon future, through product innovation and collaboration, responsible operations and business relationships.”

Sustainability is at the heart of IPL’s business model, strategy and operations worldwide. The fundamentals of how we do business are managed within our sustainability framework which is currently based on three focus areas: the circular economy, climate change & environment and health and safety.

We are working continuously with our customers and suppliers to help build a circular economy for our products, employing innovation and technological advances to deliver more sustainable and returnable packaging solutions. We are increasing the amount of recycled content in our product range, and transitioning to more renewable energy sources to support our operations.

Circular Economy

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Climate Change and Environment

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Health & Safety

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For each of these focus areas, we are defining and implementing our policies, management systems, and monitoring performance, to deliver continuous improvement throughout our Company.

See more on how we have intensified our efforts across our Company:

  • Recycling:
  • 100% recyclable products
  • Ongoing effort to maximize recycled material usage
  • Collection:
  • Take-back recycling service for used Environmental and RPS containers
  • Ongoing effort to maximize recycled material usage
  • Consumption, Use, Reuse, Repair:
  • Global leader in returnable/reusable packaging solutions
  • Serviceable products/spare parts maximizing product life
  • Design:
  • R&D efforts to develop lighter products minimizing resin inputs
  • Ongoing polymer trials to improve recyclability of CPS packaging
  • Production:
  • Capital program leading to up to 25% energy savings
  • Environmental management system at all our production facilities by 2020
  • Distribution:
  • Lighter/stackable products to minimize carbon footprint
  • Locations close to customers to minimize product travel time