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The Returnable Packaging Solutions division is comprised of three main product lines: agricultural, automotive and MacroTrac. IPL operates the business through three manufacturing facilities located in the United States.

Returnable Packaging Solutions

Our Returnable Packaging Solutions division supplies bulk containers, MacroBins, Hybrid Bins, and ProBins that are used in the agricultural sector. Our patented, injection molded containers are made with FDA approved materials and are extremely durable to withstand the daily wear and tear of harvesting containers. We believe that we are the market leaders in North America in this product category.

We supply the automotive logistics market with reusable and collapsible containers, the IsoBin and EuroBin series, which we introduced with a leading international OEM.

We also manufacture temporary flooring solutions with our MacroTrac products which are used in the construction, military, oil and gas, and entertainment events markets.


  • Consumer Packaging Solutions
  • Large Format Packaging & Environmental Solutions
  • Returnable Packaging Solutions
  • Corporate & Sales Offices

Fairfield, California

Macro Plastics Corporate Headquarters
2250 Huntington Drive
Fairfield, CA
United States

Shelbyville, Kentucky

545 Pearce Industrial Road
Shelbyville, KY
United States

Union Gap, Washington

3555 Bay Street
Union Gap, WA
United States

Operating Companies

IPL develops and manufactures Returnable Packaging Solutions. To find more information on each operating company, please click on the respective links.